We have a team of specialized engineers to attend to your case in a comprehensive manner and offering tailored solutions with a unique configuration, according to your need.

We design and install a wide variety of equipment and systems for your company's testing and trials. We have the best quality accessories and spare parts and we offer a wide range of services so that our clients have the certainty that we are there when they need us.

The equipment and systems offered by Grupo CTT are completely personalized and adapted to the particular needs of each client. We offered
  • Equipment for the testing of de tensión o tracción, compresión, de adhesión, desgarre, corte, fatiga, durabilidad, vida, desempeño, NVH, simulación de componentes y simulación híbrida.
  • Systems for the testing of components and sub assembling for the automotive, aeronautical and biomedical industries as well as wind turbine and other industrial components.
  • Assembling systems: Assembling components with strength and position control, rivet, spring fatigue, forming, assembling and laminate folding.
  • Sensors: Accelerometers, loading cages, displacement sensors LVDT and pressure sensors.
  • Instrumentation for preventive maintenance: sensors for vibration and pressure monitoring.
  • Vibrations/Analysis Modal
  • Noise measurement and analysis: Sound level reader, microphone, noise reader and impact hammer..
  • Quality inspection and monitoring of good and bad parts: Iron nodular detection and failure.
  • Vibration isolation systems: Vibration isolators, testing and subjection bank..
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CTT Group adapts to your needs, offering a vast variety of post sales services to guarantee the proper functioning of all of our equipment and services.

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Personalized attention of great human and technical quality is the hallmark of the CTT Group house. We are specialists in solving any need that may arise along the way.

We have an accredited laboratory in Dimensional, Strength and Vibrations. We offered
  • Calibration laboratory: Accredited by EMA (Entidad Mexicana de accreditacion A.C.) governed by rule ISO/IEC 17025 with the following magnitudes:
  • Diagnostic: Detect possible failures in equipment and systems. We perform repairs on site and/or perform investigations supported by service reports.
  • Installation: We perform electrical, hydraulic pneumatic installations along as any other requirement services.
  • Capacitation: We instruct to all of our clients in the different mechanical aspects of the equipment, the handling of the hardware and the different software installed.
  • Preventive maintenance plans: We count with plans to that includes emergency visits from our specialized personnel, along with advisory and other maintenance services.
  • Corrective maintenance (spare parts and services): Plans include all the all the spare parts from our sponsored brands by Grupo CTT, along with all the services associated with their installation.
  • Technical support: One of our specialist will attend to any questions you may have, including the interpretation of results and small adjustments that might be needed..
  • Accompaniment/Supervision: We accompany our client during the start of all equipment to guarantee the correct functioning of them and to perform any adjustments.
  • Equipment reconditioning: When equipment stop counting with technical support from the brands due to their age, we recondition them with a new software.
  • Equipment repair: Grupo CTT support their clients with any failure the equipment might experience.
Obtain quickly any accessory or spare parts from our sponsored brands. Download

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