Our Brands

Grupo CTT searches alliances with the most representative brands in
the market.

Precise and repetitive measurement, Simulation and development of products. Professionals trust MTS to optimize their designs, increase the productivity of their laboratories to reduce the launching time of their products.

Maker of full monitoring and movement systems, in hand key, utilized for a wide variety of assembly and testing applications around the world. Promess offers the entire system that includes mechanic, electrical control, sensors, amplifiers and software. Also, provides assistance in applications engineering prior to the project, installation support and capacitation services.

Maker of sensors utilized by design engineers and predictive maintenance professionals to proof and measure vibrations, pressure, strength and acoustic.

Modals structures testing. Systems for the structural and acoustic detection for a variety of applications in the design and testing laboratories as well as the fabrication plants. All non-destructive systems help makers provide an inspection of 100% of their metallic components

Pioneers in the vibration isolation systems, testing and subjection banks.

Maker of high pressure and quality sensors such as loading cages, displacement sensors and pressure sensors.

Ultrasound equipment

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