CTT Group is accredited in the area of ​​force, in vibrations for accelerometer calibration and dimensional for testing machines. We have a calibration laboratory accredited to EMA (Mexican Accreditation Entity, A.C.) governed by the ISO / IEC 17025 standard. We also have the accreditation of being a Socially Responsible Company.

We are in the process of accreditation of:

    ISO 9000

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Backed by 40 years of history. From our start in the 80s, as Comercio y Trafico S.A., we were pioneers in the installation of non-destructive rehearsal systems, evolving towards a more ample offer of projects as the needs for testing and rehearsal materials has increased within the business sector we serve.

From more than 20 years we began to call ourselves Grupo CTT, where a loyal team along with great human quality has made us the leader in the industry thanks to a more personalized attention towards our market.

In our effort to continue being innovators, we have incorporated the area of calibration laboratories, where we take one more step to guarantee to our clients the proper functioning of our equipment and systems.